May 28, 2008

Efforts underway to make Nolensville more Pedestrian Friendly

Nolensville Trees and Trails Committee sees connectivity as key for town
Group seeks pathways to make town friendly for pedestrians

The Tennessean• May 21, 2008

NOLENSVILLE — The Bent Creek subdivision is less than a mile from downtown Nolensville, but the journey between the two usually requires a car.
That's because it can get a little dangerous walking on the shoulder of Sam Donald or Clovercroft roads, the main connectors from the neighborhood to the historic district. But with gas prices going up, and more people moving into Nolensville for its small-town charm, a movement is under way to make the community more pedestrian-friendly.
"We just had our baby two weeks ago, and my wife has been going through the neighborhood on strolls," said Brian Snyder, a Bent Creek resident.
But walking around the same neighborhood streets and trails can eventually get a little tiresome.
"It would be nice to go walk to the historic district," Snyder said.
To that end, the town recently formed a Trees and Trails Committee, which began meeting last month. The group is still in its infancy, but member Joyce Powers said they have some big plans.
"The goal is to establish trails, actually hopefully greenways and connectivity through the developments," she said. "We're hoping for a creek-side trail, along Mill Creek," land she noted belongs to the Williamson County Parks & Recreation Department.
Snyder would like to see a greenway system through Nolensville similar to what exists in neighboring Brentwood. "People are constantly out there jogging, walking with strollers," he said. "It'd be incredible to have that freedom."
The proposed creek-side trail, or greenway, may also eventually include a pedestrian bridge, connecting it to more walking paths on the other side of Mill Creek.
"There's been talk bounced around (for a bridge), but there are no plans," Powers said. "It's just something that's been mentioned."
The Trees and Trails Committee meets regularly to continue these conversations. It is also actively seeking potential grants that could help fund the projects.

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