May 14, 2008

Census report concludes Franklin is growing fast.

Franklin's population climbs to 54,300
The Tennessean • May 14, 2008

FRANKLIN — City Planning Director Jaime Groce reports Franklin's population now stands at around 54,300 according to the latest special census results.
That number will likely increase later this week as census takers, firefighters and others complete the special census.
It is the third special census conducted by Franklin officials this decade. Tennessee cities get $100 per person in state-shared money based on their population growth.
That's slightly less than the 59,000 people Franklin planners estimate actually live in the city, but it is an increase compared to the 49,412 people recorded in the 2006 special census.
Groce, who announced the results Tuesday during a Franklin Board of Mayor and Aldermen meeting, credited the increase to the work of census takers, firefighter and calls to homeowners from a call center set up to call people at home.

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