February 1, 2009

Curb appeal adds value, comfort to a home

Real estate agents say curb appeal is the attractive presentation of a home's exterior. It's a big factor when selling a house, but it can be just as important to the people who live there.
* Seasonal decorations make the entrance to your home look inviting. Colorful flowers and potted plants are effective in summer. After that, you could try pumpkins and Halloween decorations, and Christmas brings wonderful decorating opportunities.
* Doors of apartments and condos can be decorated with attractive wreaths. Balconies are enhanced by plants and seasonal decorations. A welcome mat is a nice addition to the doorway of a condo or home.
* Sweeping the front walk and uncluttering a yard add greatly to curb appeal. Keep toys, bicycles, and lawn mowers out of sight.
* Display house numbers clearly and attractively. They add to decorative value and help guests find your home. More important: Firemen and police can find your place too.
* Keep bushes trimmed, grass cut.
Curb appeal is affected by the appearance of your windows. Remove clutter and knickknacks that can be seen from the outside. Consider the appearance of your home with blinds and shades drawn. Do curtains and drapes of various colors add to the exterior view, or would the house be more attractive if all drape linings were the same color?

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