July 11, 2008

Single family homes slated for Berryville community

Builder turned down for duplexes, so he'll build single-family homes
The Tennessean • July 11, 2008

A builder has plans to construct two single-family homes on lots in Old Hickory's Berryville community and said he's interested in more neighborhood properties.
Matt Manson tried to obtain a zoning change for the two properties he's building on to allow for two unattached units on each lot close enough together to be called duplexes or split duplexes. That rezoning attempt failed, said Councilman Darren Jernigan.
But the zoning already allows the single-family homes.
The neighborhood opposed multiple units on a lot, feeling it did not fit the rest of the community. But neighbors seem more at ease with the single-family homes.
"I don't think people would have a problem with him building a 1,200- to 1,300-square-foot (single-family) home," said Berryville resident Randy Hudgins, who signed a petition against the duplexes. "That's what it's zoned for. I checked him out, and he builds a nice house. I think his intentions were good. I think people would welcome him building what's already here.''
Berryville is a small community extending about six blocks along Old Hickory Boulevard from 6th Street to 2nd Street. All the streets in Berryville funnel into Woods Street, residents said.
Manson thought the duplexes would give the area new construction priced at about $110,000, with about 900 square feet and 1½ bathrooms.
The single-family homes he'll build instead are estimated in the $140,000 price range, with 1,100 square feet and three bedrooms and two bathrooms.
Hudgins estimated the average price range of existing homes in the neighborhood to be $80,000 to $100,000. Most lots are small, Hudgins said.
Manson acknowledged approaching other property owners about purchasing and building on vacant lots they own, even if zoning is relegated to the single-family homes already in place.
Some homeowners have a home on one property and a vacant lot next to it for additional space, said Manson, Hudgins and Berryville resident Angela Carr. Hudgins said he owns several lots in the neighborhood and has been approached by others to sell as well.
"This doesn't change the zoning,'' Carr said. "And there are more lots (in Berryville) and my personal fear is if they rezone one, what's to stop … (rezoning) other lots when they become available? We just don't want a big community.''

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