June 17, 2008

Franklin's $59.5 million budget will be approved Thursday

Franklin mayor wants "bigger picture" view of city's budget.
The Tennessean • June 16, 2008

FRANKLIN — With the final vote on the city’s $59.5 million budget on track for approval Thursday, Mayor John Schroer wants to see changes made in how future budgets are discussed.
Schroer and city aldermen spent several nights during the past few weeks parsing through the hundreds-page long budget and grilling department directors about their requests.
Next year, Schroer said that will likely change.
“I’m not sure if aldermen need to look at every single line time that comes through the budget,” Schroer said. “I think our job is to look at the bigger picture and trying to tie those things together.”
Schroer said he did not expect any changes Thursday night when aldermen take their third and final vote to approve the budget. They meet at 7 p.m. Thursday.As part of the budget, homeowners will see their second consecutive year of increased garbage pickup fees. Those climb from $6 to $9 a month for pickup of the first can. Meanwhile, business owners will see their commercial garbage collection go up as well. Despite fee increases, the city’s property taxes will remain unchanged after nearly two decades of being .43 per $100 of assessed property value.

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