April 26, 2008

Nashville to have "Great Commuter Race"

“Great Commuter Race” will show the fastest way downtown Nashville

A bicyclist, driver, bus rider, and train passenger will leave Donelson Plaza at the same time, headed for the Metro Courthouse – who will get there first?
That’s the question volunteers will be answering at peak commuting time on May 6.
The race begins at 7 a.m. at Ace Hardware in Donelson Plaza, corner of Old Lebanon Pk. and J.B. Estille Rd. The race ends between 7:20 and 7:45 a.m. at Metro Courthouse Plaza at the end of Second Ave North.The cyclist and driver can choose their own routes, as long as they obey all traffic laws, and the riders will travel on a regularly scheduled MTA bus and the Music City Star commuter train.There’s more to consider about that 8-mile commute, though, than just the fastest time. Air quality, carbon dioxide emissions, and the relative cost of the trip are all factors in selecting the best way to get to work.
“Regardless of who wins,” said Walk-Bike Nashville executive director Shannon Hornsby. “this race will demonstrate that we now have more transportation choices than ever, and that the car is not always the most practical way to travel.”Nashville’s 2008 “Great Commuter Race” is a joint project of Walk/Bike Nashville, the Clean Air Partnership of Middle Tennessee, the Metro Planning Department, the Metropolitan Transit Authority, the Regional Transportation Authority/Music City Star, and the Veloteers Bicycle Club.

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